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Surabaya - Indonesia,

Head of Public Relations of Palapa Sakti Institution Nusantara Unifier Nation (LPSNPB) Lahane Aziz expects, so the Secretary General (Secretary General of the United Nations) should have neutral soul and peace love, besides that also spirited warrior, firm, discipline, action if countries that are members of the United Nations are against and dare to violate the rules set by the UN, he said.

According to him, the UN secretary general is hesitant to take sides, obviously all the problems will not be resolved and there is also a fray between the commonwealth countries with UN protection, so what is the meaning of joining an organization that is considered big in the world, but not feel safe, peaceful, prosperous, year-to-year countries that row or shelter at the UN does not feel it's all love peace.

All this because it is considered a failure for the United Nations because this matter the UN Secretary-General has not been neutral and completely unloving peace, because it is considered the United Nations world is just a business-focused organization so many countries that the result is natural resources or many mines then all joining the United Nations' commonwealth are competing to work out contracts of cooperation by providing financial assistance with the goal of reciprocity by profiting as much as possible for the progress of their respective countries, said LPSNPB PR.

Hence if the United Nations does not change the system in the conduct of peace actions, it is clear that the UN-affiliated countries will not comply with the UN resolution, then those countries will continue to fight and the tails of the giant countries that take advantage of the battle , because the giant country that supplied ammunition and weapons and fighter and warship with the intention that if the country in need of this aid can not pay then the oil refineries and other mining goods will be controlled by superpowers, he said.

Then try to prove if the Secretary-General is neutral and peace-loving, immediately stop the conflicting countries like Iran - Iraq, Afghanistan - Israel and countries in Asia, Rohingya and so on so that everything in the environment and the situation is safe, peaceful, peaceful, prosperous, this just spelled the true United Nations commonwealth. (Intelijenpost)

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