Editorial Policy

At intelijenpost.com, we aim to maintain high journalism standards to provide our readers with unique and quality articles and news. As you write for us, you agree to these terms and you understand that your article may be rejected by us if you do not comply with the terms. You will make a contract with us that will request your written agreement for this policy.


We expect all the articles to be original. They must pass Copyscape and other plagiarism checks. To be approved by our editors, the author should only submit content that has not been published before. It is imperative that you focus on writing content that adds value to our readers. Articles that are plagiarized or returned from a previously published article will be rejected.

Requests and data

All business claims and data must be duly reviewed before they are included in the article. No false claims or biased data will be provided by customers. We ensure that the data published on our website is publicly available and verified by relevant sources. Authors should link data / statistics / requests to a relevant website where it was previously published.

Always try to provide empirical evidence about the claims. You can add images, graphics, and screenshots to prove your claims. If there are no authorized websites, experts support your request, you should refrain from using it in your article. value

All articles you write should contain a value for our readers. Your article should have a precise goal to follow to provide value. We aim to provide our readers with articles that can provide the latest news and help them understand the nuances of various businesses and technologies. All articles should be completely neutral and should not have any currency, market or company promotion / marketing.

Promotions and marketing

No article should contain any claims or information about a finance / business / person for marketing or promotional purposes. The title, subheadings and content of your articles should always be clear and neutral. You should not link any articles promoting a company / currency / person. We strongly do not recommend using promotional / marketing links in our articles.


Note that our readers are people who really care about technology, business and finance, not the general public. Your articles should always contain valuable information for readers who already understand technology and finance. Our goal is to provide them with the latest information and news about different business and technology. Therefore, understand our readers before writing an article for them.

Acceptance of the article

The acceptance of the article depends only on the editorial board. Our editors can accept or reject without explanation. When an article is accepted, we will scare you with our decision. Every decision taken by the board is final and binding for all authors.

Writing news

When writing news for us, be sure to verify with all reliable sources. Although we have smaller timelines for the news to be published on our platform, we think it is necessary to focus on the originality of each news broadcast before it is published. Make sure empirical evidence is available for each news and data published.

We welcome you to follow this content policy to create high quality content for our readers.

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