Egypt buys 30 more Rafale fighter jets from France

PARIS (AP) – Egypt buys 30 more Rafale fighter jets from France, bringing its fleet of advanced warplanes to 54, just behind the French Air Force.

The two countries confirmed the deal separately on Tuesday. The Egyptian military said the purchase would be funded by a 10-year French loan. The value of the agreement was not given.

Egypt’s first purchase of 24 Rafale in 2015, then valued at € 5.2 billion ($ 5.93 billion), made it the largest overseas buyer of the delta-winged warplane. , versatile but hard to sell.

Prior to the Egyptian purchase, the Dassault Aviation fighter had been on the market for years, and in service for the French Air Force since 2006. Other sales of several billion euros (dollars) followed, i not included to India and Greece.

Dassault said the new order was proof of a “strong bond” between Egypt and the manufacturer.

France’s defense ministry said the deal would create the equivalent of 7,000 jobs in France for three years and “further strengthens the strategic and military partnership between France and Egypt.”

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