Hawaii just became the 50th state to expand vaccine eligibility.

Every Hawaiian adult will become eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine by April 19, as Hawaii will become the 50th state to respond to President Biden’s calls to speed up vaccinations, a health official said on Wednesday.

The news came with a note of caution.

“This does not mean that everyone will be able to get the vaccine on April 19, and people need to continue to be patient,” Brooks Baehr, a spokesperson for the health department, said in a statement. “The supply still does not meet the huge demand.”

In March, Mr Biden announced he would order states to return all adults eligible for the vaccine before May 1. Then on Tuesday, as more states step up vaccination efforts and expand eligibility, he moved. the target date of April 19.

Even before the president’s announcement on Tuesday, residents of Hawaii County, Kauai County and Maui County had opened up their eligibility to adults 16 and older. It took place on Monday. Honolulu County has yet to expand its eligibility.

As of Tuesday, around 35% of the Hawaiian population had received at least one dose of a vaccine and 22% were fully vaccinated, according to a New York Times database.

In the past two weeks, Hawaii reported a 33% increase in coronavirus cases, most recently averaging 113 cases per day.

In the United States as a whole, about three million doses of vaccine are administered on average per day. Mr Biden said he hopes 200 million doses will be administered by his 100th day in office.

As vaccination becomes more common and some states relax restrictions, scenes resembling pre-pandemic life have started to reappear in the United States, including Hawaii, where crowds of tourists have returned.

State has reopened to travelers, visitors only need a negative coronavirus test last 72 hours in most places to skip the state-mandated quarantine order. As of Saturday, nearly 29,000 visitors – a number comparable to pre-pandemic levels – arrived in the state, according to state travel data.

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