Joe Biden: “Jabs in the arms until Covid is defeated”; Joe Biden Says US To Buy 500 Million Doses Of Vaccine For Poor Countries | World News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: The american president Joe Biden said America knows firsthand the tragedy inflicted by the Covid-19 pandemic and stressed the importance of vaccination, which he says is key to reopening.
His remarks came after his talks with the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Biden is on his first overseas tour since entering the Oval Office.
Here are the key points of his address:
* Our values ​​call us to do everything possible to vaccinate the world against Covid.
* America will be the arsenal of vaccines.
* The United States will purchase half a billion doses of Pfizer vaccine for low-income countries.
* The United States provides these half a billion doses, with no strings attached. No strings attached. Our vaccine donations do not include pressure for favors or potential concessions. We do this to save lives.
* Vaccines will start shipping in August, as soon as they roll off the production line.
* We will bring the world out of this pandemic by working with our global partners.
* As long as the virus is rife, there is a risk of mutations.
* We will have gunshots until the world has defeated this virus.
* We have a responsibility to all people to help out if something goes wrong.
* Discussed a wide range of issues with PM Johnson. We discussed the goal of dealing with the climate crisis.

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