‘Unprecedented’ Rise in Gang Violence in Haitian Capital Displaces Thousands

People are fleeing to safer areas to stay with loved ones, although many others, including children, sleep outside or in informal shelters.

Current response efforts

A Spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric mentionned the newly displaced need urgent assistance and protection.

“Priority needs include sanitation, shelter, access to clean water and food,” he told reporters.

“Response efforts are underway to help some 2,000 of the most vulnerable people. These efforts are led by the municipality and civil protection, with the support of the UN.

The violence has left several dead or injured, as rival gangs fight to exert control over populated areas such as Martissant, Cité-Soleil and Bel Air. Hundreds of homes and small businesses were also set on fire.

Police stations attacked

The latest displacement adds to the more than 4,000 people uprooted in the past 12 months due to similar incidents.

OCHA reported that the national police are often unable to provide security and protection during clashes, leaving vulnerable populations to fend for themselves.

Police stations were also the target of gunfire. A policeman was killed and another injured when armed assailants attacked the three police stations in Cité-Soleil on Saturday, stealing several weapons.

“The unprecedented level of violence and the resulting displacement create a multitude of secondary problems, such as disruption of social functioning at the community level, separation of families, increased financial burdens for foster families, forced school closures, loss of livelihoods and general fear among affected populations, ”OCHA said in a statement. situation report earlier this week.

The UN and its partners coordinate closely with the Haitian authorities to ensure humanitarian access.

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